The most frequently asked questions briefly answered

How many players does it take to play Hoopaz? The game is suitable for one to eight participants. In single mode you can concentrate on improving your throwing technique. And with Game Pass, you can find other players in the online world to compete with. However, Hoopaz is also suitable as a party game for up to eight people. Then play a 4v4 match in one of the multiplayer modes.

How are the different types of throws scored? We follow the official basketball regulations as closely as possible. This means: a hit from a normal throw is counted with 2 points, a 3-point throw gives 3 points, of course, and a free throw is executed according to the rule 1 + 1, ie after a hit (and only then) the player gets one another free throw.

From what age can you play Hoopaz? We developed Hoopaz for all ball enthusiasts from about twelve years of age. Of course, there is no upper age limit. Children under the age of twelve can also play hoopaz, but better supervised by an adult. While the components of Hoopaz are very sturdy, as parents we all know the damage a squad of rampaging kindergarten or elementary school kids can wreak.

Can you play Hoopaz outside? Absolutely! At the garden party in summer or with friends on the terrace: you can play Hoopaz 100 percent mobile. For us, that's what makes Hoopaz so special: pack it up, take it with you, set it up, done, and all that in just a few simple steps and within a few minutes. If you want to use the digital connection, you should only make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

I don't feel safe with the rules in general. Where can I look? You will find a quick start guide in the Hoopaz packaging. You can find the entire set of rules in the free app and on our website. There is also an unboxing video on YouTube. And if all of that doesn't help or you can't come to an agreement, we're happy to help - either via the contact form on the website or, in urgent cases, via our hotline.
Is trash talk allowed at Hoopaz? Sure - trash talk is somehow part of it, isn't it? However, we attach great importance to treating each other with respect. Fair play is one of the most important basic rules in sport for us. Trash talk must therefore never be offensive to the opponent or the opposing team, even in the slightest. If this rule is broken, foul mode will result in a 1+1 free throw for the team or player who was insulted.

What do I need the app for? You don't necessarily need them. You can also use Hoopaz completely physically and control it via the high-tech game buttons. But with the app you have more options, for example to connect with other players, to customize your Hoopaz with special sound and light effects or to analyze your training progress. And: The app costs nothing extra.

Is the app also available for Apple phones? Yup. You can download the app to your smartphone free of charge in the Apple App Store . For Android you can find the app in the Google Play Store.

Does Hoopaz need a permanent power connection? No. The game is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery. This allows you to play in standard mode for up to five hours without a power source, for example outside at a nice summer party. A USB charging cable is included. Incidentally, the battery lasts around 3.5 hours in online mode (coming soon!).

What warranty claims do I have? The manufacturing company 23Gamez GmbH based in Berlin offers you a twelve-month manufacturer's guarantee. We can do that easily, because we made sure that all parts are robust and stable during development. With a little care nothing will go wrong. But if something does happen, we always strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied. We will make everything possible, from basketball fan to basketball fan, so that you can fully enjoy the game. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service via the contact form or hotline.

How long does delivery take? Standard shipping usually takes one to three working days. We offer our Hoopaz community the Amazon Prime shipping management, which is very secure for both buyers and sellers. Can't wait or do you urgently need your Hoopaz game as a gift? Fortunately, you have several shipping options to choose from, including the particularly fast Prime service.

Can I track my order? Yes: You can use the shipment tracking to see where your package is at any time and when it will arrive.

Do you also ship the game internationally? Our limited first edition, the Black Edition , is only available in Europe for the time being. In the course of 2023 we will expand our international business and supply other countries.

What payment methods do you offer? You can choose from all common payment methods: Credit card (VISA/Mastercard), Paypal, Amazon Pay, Alipay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Klarna, paydirekt.

Where is the company based? In the pulsating heart of Germany, in the capital, in Berlin. Yo! The 23Gamez GmbH Berlin.

Where is Hoopaz produced? We rely on the best possible quality: All parts were not only conceived and developed in Germany, but we also produce in our own country. 100 percent made in Germany! Made in Hildesheim!

And here are the rules of the game at a glance:

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