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Your diggy home court

Inspired by the great NBA. Worldwide exclusive. The real basketball feeling and an intuitive app. With sound, light and community connection. Play analogue and battle it out digitally. The best from both worlds.

Fully digitized. Basketball will never be the same.

A real home basketball game. Your battle arena to go.

#Hoopaz made by a Dreamer

smart app included

Patented software for your game. High-tech infrared fiber optic sensors. OTA update capable, for iOS and Android. Capture game data automatically. select avatars. control light and sound. In multiplayer mode you can soon compete with the whole world.

Basketball vibes from players for players. For everyone who loves basketball.

new gaming

Basket meets technique

#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket
#2 The Gameballz / game balls
Hoopaz#2 The Gameballz / game balls
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#6 The Game Set / The complete game

hoopaz the game app

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known from

Studio 3

The basketball world champion Johannes Thiemann plays HoopaZ. “A really great invention.” The story!

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“I did all this for my son.” The invention of the first table basketball game.

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A father from Berlin develops table basketball for his son and out of his passion for basketball.

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In addition to table football and air hockey, there is now an offshoot basketball for the living room.

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Berliner invents table basketball for his son. This is HoopaZ!

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NBA theme

He invented the first realistic table basketball game for his son - and not only inspired him.

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