#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket
#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket
#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket
#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket
#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket
#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket
#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket
#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket
#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket
#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket

#1 The Single Hoop / Single Basket

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Your performance basketball hoop system

The ultimate basketball experience at home with HoopaZ TheSingleHoop - a fully digital home basketball hoop system!

Included in the delivery are:

  • a basket system with soft touch button console
  • Acrylic LED light backboard
  • Size approximately 31.5cm x 31cm x 32cm
  • Weight about 1.125 kg
  • 6 Retro Performance Mini Basketballs
  • a free app for iOS and Android
  • with rechargeable battery
  • USB cable
  • up to 5 hours of mobile gaming fun
  • sustainable design packaging for storage and transport
  • exclusive, limited Hoopaz product range
  • Compatible with all official HoopaZ Home Basketball products
  • tournament-ready, official table basketball basket system
  • Scale compliant for collectors (from Enterbay Legends to Funko Pop Gold 5")
  • Made in Germany
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • One-year manufacturer's guarantee and 5-year spare parts guarantee

TheSingle Hoop is exclusive to the HoopaZ product line with compatibility with all official HoopaZ Home Basketball products and can be upgraded to a full court game. With a 14-day money-back guarantee and a one-year manufacturer's warranty, as well as a 5-year parts guarantee, the Hoopaz team is always on hand for support.

Welcome to the latest innovation in the basketball world - HoopaZ TheSingleHoop. This smart, performance-optimized basket system is now available on the worldwide sales platform and offers an incomparable gaming experience right in your own home.

With advanced technology and modern design, HoopaZ TheSingleHoop is the perfect gaming experience for every basketball junkee. The hoop system comes with the smart app and a simple installation guide to customize and personalize your gaming experience.

What are you waiting for? Get HoopaZ TheSingleHoop now and enjoy the ultimate basketball experience at home!

Experience basketball on a new level with this 1.125 kg Home Performance Basketball System - the "state of the art" product on the market. With its robust and durable design, it offers an unparalleled gaming experience at home and is perfectly tailored to your needs, whether you are an experienced gamer or just starting out. Hoopaz is basketball in a new dimension!

With dimensions of 31 x 31 x 32 cm, it fits in every room and offers an incomparable gaming experience. Improve your skills or just have fun - with HoopaZ you're always on the ball!

Experience the future of basketball with this first fully digitized home basketball hoop system - patented with advanced software and hardware. Personalize your training and track your progress in real time. Get the ultimate basketball experience with this unique basket system - order now.

The gaming experience is even better with the patented soft-touch button console. Durable, sturdy and stylish, the soft-touch buttons offer intuitive operation. This is basketball on a new level.

The patented LED light backboard also creates an incomparable ambience. The innovative backboard shows the game action with light that changes color and also provides cool lighting. Play anytime, in any lighting condition, and see what's happening in the game. Order now and experience basketball like never before.

The HoopaZ products are all made of high quality materials and carefully finished to guarantee optimal performance and long durability. We only work with renowned manufacturers who are known for high-quality materials. Our basketball customers deserve only the best!

On top of that, the high-performance home basketball hoop system is equipped with the latest fiber optic technology, which guarantees precise point acquisition. Based on AI, game statistics are automatically generated and training programs are adjusted. Improve your skills and take your game to the next level.

The hyper-sensitive Fast-React-Display-Technology guarantees a mega-fast reaction time and a smooth gaming experience. Remote capabilities allow you to control the game from the basket console or your own device and hone your skills. Get the best basketball table basket system on the market now.

HoopaZ is a true plug and play product and easy to use. With the HoopaZ Game basketballs and the HoopaZ app you can enjoy the ultimate basketball experience at home. Use your mobile device as an interactive ticket for a personalized gaming experience. The app allows you to personalize and optimize your game to create the ultimate basketball experience. With regular competitions, like the MVP of the month, you have the chance to win great prizes like limited-edition Jordans, balls or basketball cards.

HoopaZ is also designed as a home format basketball for all collectors! Hoopaz is the unique backdrop for your NBA Player Legends and all basketball  collectible figures. Exactly true to scale. Whether Enterbay Legends or Funko Pop Gold 5" - now there is finally the right stage for your characters.

Get the home basketball complete set HoopaZ The Game right now and experience the ultimate basketball experience in your home!


HoopaZ is the quality brand for fully digitized home basketball. The table basketball game that offers an authentic basketball experience and incredible ball control that closely resembles playing on a real basketball court. This high-level product is suitable for tournaments and becomes the ultimate challenge experience with exclusive Pro and Tournament Game balls.