HoopaZ – We love the game!
It's a GameZ World of DreamerZ

We love basketball, like more than 16 million people in Germany. And we couldn't believe there wasn't a smart mini basketball game on the planet that feels like the game. So we just invented and built the game we wanted ourselves!

Ingenuity met motivation. We founded the company 23Gamez GmbH and developed the court: from the idea and conception to the prototype and implementation. We, that means a Berlin family with a dachshund, The Power Brain Doc and The Bankerfriend (I do it for fun) - and a lot of playful spirit.

Behind every development step there is a lot of love for the game, every click is tested by us. Berlin is real, HoopaZ is real! A big kid's dream and therefore, HoopaZ for a GameZ World from a big Dreamer heart.
More than a product. A part of our soul
Yeah! HoopaZ for a Gamez World of DreamerZ!

For us, this is exactly what defines a typical Berlin attitude towards life: unconventional and solution-oriented thinking. And then just do it! Supported by the start-up feeling of the capital and people who believe in us. And we also believed in ourselves.

Now HoopaZ is finished and we are proud. What a way. But we have many more ideas for the future. Next we bring an even more extraordinary luxury gaming table and release the HoopaZ GOAT Line.

Dreamaz Power believe in You HoopaZ team
HoopaZ for a Gamez World of DreamerZ
23 GameZ GmbH Berlin
The Rocket
Owner / Founder / Entrepreneur / Dad / Gamer / HoopaZ Member/ Basketball Lover / DreamerZ / Fighter / Surviver and Owner of the DreamerZ Way of Life

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you have questions Bring it on. Write to us using the contact form. We promise that we will do everything for your satisfaction, because only if you are happy with HoopaZ, so are we. #welovethegame