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Play by the HoopaZ rules

As a physical part of HoopaZ, the game court forms the basketball world of experience. The associated app is the brain and control center of the game. It allows you to personalize the game. Super cool and easy to play! The HoopaZ Game App is available free of charge in the game stores forApple iOS and Google Play for Android.

digital basket

Download the HoopaZ Game app onto your mobile device for free. Connect the basket. Choose single mode or multiplayer. Your mobile becomes a game display. Challenge accepted!

Mini Basketball Hoopaz IOS Android APP

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How to play HoopaZ

  1. The players always take turns throwing. The game can be played 1:1, 2:2, 3:3 or 4:4.
  2. Depending on the selected game mode, either
    a) without time limit,
    b) with a time limit or
    c) played until a game score (21 or 31 points) is reached.
  3. Trash talk is allowed as long as no opponent is insulted. If players or groups of players are personally insulted, the affected player or group of players can press the foul button. In this case the foul mode is activated and the denounced team or the denounced player gets the opportunity for a free throw. The free throw is always executed 1 + 1, ie if the first throw is successfully sunk, the respective player gets the opportunity to throw again. Free throws are worth one point. The free throw may be taken over the field of play.
  4. A regularly executed throw must be made from a position in front of the field of play. If this is ignored and the player throws over the field of play, the throw is void. The opponent receives free throws and the right to throw passes to the opposing player or team.
  5. If a player tries to distract the opposing player acoustically or visually during the throwing phase, the provocative team or provocative player will be charged with a foul 1 + 1. The provoked team or provoked player has the opportunity to play a 4-point game.
  6. Each player has the 3-point shot option for every throwing opportunity. For this purpose, the 3-point mode is activated by the team that has the right to throw. The lighting changes to red and a distance laser is projected onto the ground to visually represent the greater distance to be taken from the opposing basket. This sets the framework for a realistic 3-point game. If the throw succeeds despite the increased throwing difficulty, it is rewarded with a 3-point rating.
  7. In Tournament mode, a change of ends occurs at half-time. The shot clock is active. The throw must be completed before the shot clock expires, otherwise the right to throw passes to the opposing party. In the last five seconds, the shot clock uses a sound signal to indicate that the throwing time is about to end.
    The shot clock is activated by the throwing player. In this way, short game interruptions are taken into account and integrated into the course of the game.
  8. If the game is not based on points but on time, the score after the time has elapsed counts as the result of the game.
  9. The scoring results from the following rules:
    a) Hit after normal throw = 2 points
    b) Hit after 3-point throw = 3 points
    c) Hit after free throw = 1 + 1 point(s)
  10. The training mode can be played in both full court and half court. In both cases, two throws must be played from the following positions:
    - from outside left
    - from half center left
    - from the center behind the entire pitch
    - from half middle right
    - from outside right

    It is thrown alternately in a 1:1 game. In half-court mode, the distance to the edge of the field is greater: Here it says "one step back please". The distance to the playing field should be at least one meter. The total number of points provides information about the level of training. Training mode is ideal for getting better and sharing your development with others. Thanks to the high score board, average score and other features, the training status can be viewed with just a few clicks.