#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game
#6 The Game Set / The complete game

#6 The Game Set / The complete game

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Your ultimate complete set

The best basketball experience at home with Hoopaz The Game


  • two basket systems with soft touch button console
  • Acrylic LED light backboards
  • Size approximately 31.5cm x 31cm x 32cm
  • Weight about 1.125 kg
  • 6 retro performance mini basketballs, size approx. 40 mm
  • a free app for iOS and Android
  • with rechargeable battery
  • USB cable
  • up to 5 hours of mobile gaming fun
  • a real basketball court
  • in basketball parquet look
  • Size 160x60cm
  • disassembled into 4 parts of 60x40cm
  • magnetically easy to put together, holds perfectly, flat surface
  • two robust ball catcher systems
  • Size 45 x 15 x 40 cm (per piece)
  • broken down into side poles, nets and device holders
  • Device holder compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets
  • four robust stainless steel ball holders
  • Size approx. 12 cm each
  • each holds up to 3 original HoopaZ Game Ballz
  • sustainable design packaging for storage
  • stable and easy to transport
  • exclusive, limited Hoopaz product range
  • Compatible with all official HoopaZ Home Basketball products
  • Scale compliant for collectors (from Enterbay Legends to Funko Pop Gold 5")
  • Made in Germany
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • One-year manufacturer's guarantee and 5-year spare parts guarantee

Get the ultimate basketball experience now with our HoopaZ Court package! With the sustainably produced board measuring 160x60 cm, which is covered with original basketball parquet in the Black One Edition look, you always have a perfect surface for your game. The four-piece magnetic construction sets up in no time and stays in place so you can focus on the game.

The two basketball hoops with patented fiber optic sensors and LED-illuminated port sides ensure a breathtaking atmosphere and offer numerous light and sound effects that you can control via the app. The robust ball catchers TheCatchaZ catch every ball and give you an even more relaxed and dynamic playing experience. With the integrated device stand, you always have your smartphone or tablet at hand and don't miss a second of the game.

And so that you always have enough balls at hand, you get the robust ball holder in a practical 4-pack. So you always have up to 12 HoopaZ original Game Ballz at hand to immerse yourself in action-packed basketball games and feel the atmosphere.

The HoopaZ Court Package offers you everything you need for an authentic and unforgettable basketball experience. Get it now and become a basketball star in your circle of friends!

Welcome to the latest innovation in the basketball world! The smart, performance-optimized basketball game for your home is now available worldwide.

HoopaZ TheGame is a high level basketball complete set for basketball fans that is lightweight and portable. It is delivered in sustainable packaging and consists of a board with original basketball designs, two basketball basket systems with patented fiber optic sensors and LED-illuminated backboards, ball catchers made from a robust granulate mixture, recycled nets, an integrated device stand and 6 Original game balls.

The digital connection is via touchscreen and Bluetooth, the soft-touch buttons make it easier to operate the game. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that allows up to 5 hours of playtime and is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The app is easy to use and customer service is available to answer any questions. It was developed and manufactured in Germany and the first edition is limited to 5,000 pieces.

Experience the ultimate basketball experience with HoopaZ TheGame! The complete set is perfect for all basketball fans who love the game and want to play it easily and often. The high-quality and stable materials ensure that everything still works and looks just as good after the twentieth assembly as it did the first time. With the sustainable packaging, the game can be stowed away safely and in a space-saving manner at any time.

The playing field measuring 160x60 cm is covered with original basketball parquet flooring in the Black One Edition look and is magnetically adherent without any transitions. The two basketball hoop systems come with patented fiber optic sensors, LED-illuminated ports depending on the game mode and for light and sound effects via app. The ball catchers made from a robust mixture of granules and recycled nets catch every ball and the integrated device stand makes it easier to integrate your smartphone.

With the 6 HoopaZ original Game Ballz, which can be placed in the BallholderZ on the side, you will experience real fun with soft bounce, grip and a real throwing feeling. The digital connection is made via the touchscreen of your own device and via Bluetooth, and the soft-touch buttons enable smart handling.

The built-in battery enables a whopping five hours of gaming experience, and charging is easy with the included USB cable. The assembly and disassembly is done in a few simple steps within a few minutes, and the self-explanatory app ensures that you can get started right away. If you have any questions, the HoopaZ team is always happy to help and advise you. Get HoopaZ TheGame now and experience the ultimate basketball experience!

The HoopaZ community is waiting for you! You are not an ordinary basketball player, you are a HoopaZ player. And that means more than just making hoops - it means being part of a community that is passionate about basketball and technology.

With the HoopaZ app you have access to a multimedia cosmos that takes your gaming experience to a new level. You can network with other HoopaZ players, share your best moments and take on new challenges. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and become part of the HoopaZ community! And if you still want to play without an app, that's of course also possible. With HoopaZ TheGame you have everything you need for a great basketball experience.

The ultimate basketball experience in your home!


HoopaZ is the quality brand for fully digitized home basketball. The table basketball game that offers an authentic basketball experience and incredible ball control that closely resembles playing on a real basketball court. This high-level product is suitable for tournaments and becomes the ultimate challenge experience with exclusive Pro and Tournament Game balls.

The assembly instructions and rules of the game can be found here. Print them out, hang them up next to HoopaZ TheGame as a poster for fun.

Does it have to be with an app?
Of course you can also play HoopaZ without an app. But once you've gotten a taste of the online world of HoopaZ, you probably don't want to do without the app anymore. Because the app is your access to the multimedia cosmos of the HoopaZ community. Download here