#2 The Gameballz / game balls
#2 The Gameballz / game balls
#2 The Gameballz / game balls
#2 The Gameballz / game balls

#2 The Gameballz / game balls

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size:10 pieces
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Your Official Game Ballz

The ultimate basketball experience at home with Hoopaz The Game BallZ

Included in the delivery are:

  • Depending on the selection, packing unit with 10 or 20 pieces
  • true to scale HoopaZ performance basketballs
  • Size about 40mm
  • sustainable design packaging for storage
  • exclusive, limited Hoopaz product range
  • Compatible with all official HoopaZ Home Basketball products
  • Scale compliant for collectors (from Enterbay Legends to Funko Pop Gold 5”)
  • Made in Germany

You can buy the HoopaZ Official Game Ballz in packs of 10 or 20. They are based on the original and offer a great gaming experience with their soft texture, grip and realistic jumping characteristics. They can be used as an addition to your HoopaZ The Game complete set or simply to play with and give as gifts.

The true-to-scale HoopaZ performance basketballs are the perfect addition to your home basketball hoop system. With their optimized grip structures, they ensure better ball control and an optimal playing experience.

These high-quality basketballs have been specially developed for use on our basket system and offer you the perfect playing experience in your home. Get our HoopaZ Game basketballs now and experience basketball on a new level.

With the HoopaZ TheGame complete set you get 6 Official Performance Game Ballz, which can be placed in the two BallholderZ attached to the side of the basket. These balls are based on the original and offer an authentic feel with a soft surface, good grip and realistic bounce.

Do you want the ultimate game? Our home basketball hoop system offers an incredibly authentic basketball feel that you can only find exclusively at HoopaZ. Thanks to the advanced technology and high-quality materials, our basket system ensures unparalleled ball control and a realistic feel that comes very close to playing on a real basketball court.

Get the exclusive home basketball hoop system from HoopaZ right now and experience the ultimate basketball experience in your home!


HoopaZ is the quality brand for fully digitized home basketball. The table basketball game that offers an authentic basketball experience and incredible ball control that closely resembles playing on a real basketball court. This high-level product is suitable for tournaments and becomes the ultimate challenge experience with exclusive Pro and Tournament Game balls.